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Diet can impact on a wide range of medical conditions, below is a list of some of the conditions that I regularly work with. Equally you may wish for a basic dietary assessment to simply ensure that you are meeting your nutritional requirements. I am happy to discuss this or any other conditions you have before you commit to a consultation.

Weight loss

I can advise you on your ideal body weight and give helpful suggestions on how you could achieve this. My training in behaviour change will help you to make sustainable changes and break the cycle of yoyo dieting

Healthy Heart

Whether you have high cholesterol, high triglycerides or high blood pressure I can advise on a heart healthy diet including being a healthy weight and keeping active


If you are concerned about weight loss I am able to analyse your diet and make suggestions to overcome barriers to eating, improve your nutritional profile and help you to achieve your goal

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I can provide advice on the dietary management of IBS- such as wind, bloating and constipation

Chronic Kidney Disease

I am used to working with people through all stages of kidney disease and can advise on the appropriate diet for you whether you have just been diagnosed or have had kidney disease for many years


Whether newly diagnosed or having lived with diabetes for some time I can advise on dietary changes to maximise your blood sugar control...and your enjoyment of food

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